More detailed about Our Company

  • We work at the market of transportations from 2004
  • Experience  of employees - 10 more than
  • Certificates CPC DIPLOMA, IRU Academy, MBA CERTIFICATE
  • Most bargain prices on services


  • Testimonials1
    Ukraine, Lviv
    “Provides the grant of logistic, ware-house and broker services to the legal and natural persons on territory of Ukraine.”
  • Testimonials2
    ul., Jana Kuzminskiego 83, Poland, Warsaw tel: +48 (530) 057 412
    “Provides the grant of ware-house and logistic services on territory of EU countries.”
  • Testimonials3
    92 Lakeshore Rd E, unit#227, Mississauga, ON M3H 5T5, Canada tel:  +1 (416) 879-0551
    “Provides the grant of logistic and ware-house services on territory of North and South America.”