Air freight of loads on Ukraine and in any country of the world - one of basic directions of activity of company " Moya translogictica ". Basic advantage is reliability and speed. It is special topically for perishables or loads that need the special terms of transportation, and also for transportation of the rush orders, intended for internet- shops, productions, and others like that.

Cost of air freight of loads

Services in the air freight of loads from Ukraine in any airport of the world due to our contacts. For today our  Company cooperates with 10 air carriers of Ukraine and 28 air carriers from other countries.  Due to it, we can provide delivery of your load to the air traffics to any point of the world. For dangerous, негабаритных and other similar loads a price reckons with an additional pay lift.





Additional services of our company include collection and freight for clients on Ukraine, loading and unloading sending, ware-house storage and processing of documents. We carry out delivery of loads "from doors to the doors".

Features of air traffics of loads from LTD. " Moya translogictica " :

  • - advantageous tariffs
  • - insurance of loads that is transported
  • - delivery of loads from doors to the doors
  • - storage of loads on ware-house terminals
  • - registration of complete set of accompanying documents

Technological possibilities of company

Our airline company renders services in air traffics both частным and to the legal entities. With our help it maybe to send in any point of Ukraine and world any types of load : dangerous, overall loads, documentation and other, including cars and living animals.

The specialists of company always pick up the most optimal route, decrease expenses on an air freight for to the client, and care of improvement of terms of delivery. We are oriented on the requirements of client, give the предыдварительные calculations of cost of services having regard to the possible additional loading, custom registration, delivery date. Specialists will give an answer for any questions relatively air freight of loads of different kind, and also will give all possible variants.

About all stages of delivery we inform a client. you always will know about the location of the load.

Additional services at the air traffics of loads :

  • - insurance
  • - packing of loads
  • - an overload is on other types of transport