A company " Moya translogictica " carries out transportation of loads on Ukraine a motor transport with the use of different types of transports.

We organize work with Clients on long-term basis, and also we execute non-permanent requests for transportation of loads on Ukraine.

Features of internal motor-car transportations from our Company:

  • - organization of internal transportations
  • - transportation of unoverall loads
  • - construction of optimal routes of transportations
  • - consolidation and storage of load on storages





List of variants of motor-car transportations on Ukraine:

  • - Autotransportation on Ukraine of commodities of folk consumption, domestic technique and electronics, delivery of foodstuffs, transporting of building materials and raw material
  • - Delivery of loads with a temperature condition in refrigerators
  • - Transportation of dangerous loads on Ukraine by a motor transport
  • - Delivery of expensive loads that needs collection
  • - Transportation of unoverall and великовагових loads on Ukraine
  • - Transporting of hi-tech and vulnerable loads that need the special technologies of fastening and control of position of load in the process of transportation
  • - containertraffics
  • - Transportation of sheet glass

The use of own park of cars and long-term contracts with contractors stipulate the optimal cost of autotransportations on Ukraine for our clients.

Our principles of collaboration with clients are based on three basic components: quality of services, responsibility and operationability.

Additional services at motor-car transportations:

  • - an expedition
  • - insurance
  • - packing of loads
  • - an overload is on other types of transport