" Express - AVIA " is one of key services of LTD. " Moya translogictica ". Essence of service consists in an ambulance and operative delivery of loads an air transport.

       Service " Express - AVIA " a "airport-airport" works in the mode - a sender passes to a load in the airport of city of sender the representative of LTD. " Moya translogictica ", and a recipient independently takes away a load in the airport, however additionally there is possibility of sending and receipt of loads  to indicated address by a courier.

       you can in any span of time to obtain information in relation to the location of Your load!





Advantages of service of " Express - AVIA "

Service "Express - AVIA"  oriented to the load to 30 kg taking into account overall limitations and includes a collaboration from by over 40 airlines operating for all to the continents. On loads over 30 kg are used additional collections.

Our service " Express - AVIA " on the level of services, speed and quality answers delivery of DHL, here we have a row of advantages :

  • - the Advantageous tariffs;
  • - Guarantee of presence of available space in accordance from the agreement of LTD. " Moya translogictica " with airlines. We  will buy and reserve places in airbus.
  • - Flight the nearest voyage
  • -  the Minimum charges on registration of receipt of load
  • - Possibility to deliver a load in an airport and get it, that saves time considerably
  • - Detailed information on the tariffs of service " Express - AVIA" you can know, contacting with our managers by means of page "Contacts"