A company " Moya translogictica " carries out marine transportations both from Ukraine and from any port on all continents. If you need operatively and it is economically advantageous to deliver the unitized cargoes from any marine port - we guarantee timely delivery, high quality of service, and also market prices. Containertraffics by a marine transport is advantageously, reliably and safely.

Our company undertakes all list of works on the selection of optimal route, to chartering of ship, service of loading and unloading from a ship.





Features of marine containertraffics are from LTD. " Moya translogictica "

  • - marine containertraffics (FCL)
  • - marine transportations of collapsible loads (LCL)
  • - inwardly port expedition
  • - custom registration
  • - ware-house services

Advantages of marine containertraffics

  • - a cost: Transportation of load in a container has optimal correlation of price and quality of delivery of different loads on large distances. The sizes of load are limited to only the sizes of containers.
  • - Safety: One of irrefutable advantages is safety. A container is sealed up by the special device and opened only on storage of recipient.
  • - universality: Due to combining of different types of transport (car, railway, marine freight), there is possibility to deliver a load from countries with that there is not direct connection (for example China, Japan, Korea), avoiding overloads from one type of transport in other, so as a load is in a container from the moment of his loading on
  • - the Multimodal method of delivery allows maximally to extend geography of delivery of containers.

Additional services at marine containertraffics:

  • - insurance
  • - packing of loads
  • - an overload is on other types of transport

We offer:

  • - control and accompaniment by a controller on all way of transportation of load;
  • - optimal tariffs on marine containertraffics;
  • - delivery of your property in 20-ти and 40-one-foot containers;
  • - a help in packing, placing and fastening of loads;
  • - storage and consolidation of loads on partner storages;
  • - sending by whole and collapsible containers;
  • - sending by containers on a chart "doors-doors".