A company " Moya translogictica " carries out professional transport services in the sphere of interurban and international transportation of loads in Ukraine, countries of EU and CIS. Railway transportations are one of the most widespread methods of transportation of loads.

Types of transportations by a railway transport:

  • - Transportation in carriages (semicarriages)
  • - railway containertraffics
  • - Unoverall railway transportations
  • - Refrigerator railway transportations





In a cost transportation enters:

  • - Search of free carriage park;
  • - Serve of containers under loading on composition of sender (a serve of carriages is on loading);
  • - registration of request, vehicular and other accompanying documents;
  • - Payment of payments at loading and dispatch of carriage / of container / of refrigerator;
  • - using a platform;
  • - the use of carriage / of container / of refrigerator;
  • - terminal services.

Additional services at railway transportations:

  • - an expedition
  • - insurance
  • - packing of loads
  • - an overload is on other types of transport

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We will work out the route  of railway motion carefully, will arrange about the lease of carriage or containers and will provide the grant of additional services.

No delays! During railway transportation a load is watched.

You can be sure out of harm's way Your loads!