Company " Moya translogictica " offers services in ware-house storage, organization of chain of deliveries, and also other additional services on territory of Ukraine and EU countries.

A company has at disposal of 7 000 square meters of storage facilities in Ukraine and 34000 square meters of storage facilities in Європе, on that works more than 500. Company " Moya translogictica " offers the solutions in area of ware-house storage, organization of deliveries and other additional services.

Our services include

  • -          it is a safekeep;
  • -          Reception is storage - dispatch;
  • -          are Additional services;
  • -          Registration of account-invoice;
  • -          Management orders;
  • -          Functions of internal office;





LTD. " Moya translogictica " provides implementation of chart of deliveries. Our command will watch your product: we will help with packing, доставитм load to destination and we will execute other necessary services.

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Custom registration of import in Ukraine is the basic type of activity of Company " Moya translogictica ".

Foreign products acting on territory of Ukraine of подлежащит of custom registration. Thus, it touches all types of import - services, prepared products or materials.

Custom registration of import differs in a certain specific.





Mostly a businessman have next questions in relation to custom registration:

  • -What type of cargoes can be brought in a country?
  • -What examinations will it be to pass?
  • -As is the sum of custom collections and collections formed?
  • -What documents for registration of import are needed?

If you do not have an own experience lawyer, we advise to delegate these duties you to the broker of Company " Moya translogictica ". A skilled specialist will provide timely and unimpeded registration of loads on territory of Ukraine.

So you will economize the time, money, and also will avoid troubles as co-operating with custom authorities.

Basic moments of registration of load are in Ukraine:

  • -  Filling and serve of documents in custom authorities;
  • - Payment of tax and collections, envisaged by the legislation of country, collections;
  • - Observance of all actual requirements, standards and certain Law of Ukraine;

Why do we advise custom to registration of loads from a company " Moya translogictica "?

  • -          Observance of terms. Minimum inaccuracy in filling of documentation of custom registration of import can bring substantial temporal expenses. An experience custom broker minimizes any риски related to declaration. A regular supervision of changes is in a legislation, control after payment of collections and taxes, timely serve of documents - qualification of our specialists will provide the economy of time and money.
  • -          Best decisions. Our custom broker on connection constantly (24/7). you will be always able to get exhaustive consultation on questions, with custom registration.
  • -          Market prices. With our help registration of import of products will pass for you maximally quickly and without difficulty.

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LTD " Moya translogictica " renders custom-broker services in Ukraine. Although custom regulation of Ukraine not too differs from the analogical legislation of other countries, custom registration of loads that cross the Ukrainian border remains a difficult enough task.

Help of professionals, allows to avoid the losses of time and money and provide efficiency at implementation of custom procedures in obedience to the Ukrainian legislation.

A list of basic broker services is from LTD " Moya translogictica "

  • - Custom registration of legal and natural person.
  • - Custom registration of loads in the modes import and export.
  • - Custom registration of power mediums.





Company " Moya translogictica " is always ready to render services of custom representative to you.

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